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May 28th, 2012, 6:10 am

Soen Kai

Dokomi 2012 - conhon entries

Last weekend I attended the "Dokomi", a anime & manga convention in Duesseldorf / Germany and I finally got a new "ConHon" for wonderful art by wonderful artists I meet at conventions and fairs. I usually forget to get one or, at the convention itself, forget to give it to people to draw into. X'D

This time at the Dokomi I traded conhon-entries with wonderful Lancha, Kamineo and Near from the artists alley. (*w*#)

by Lancha

by Near / nsche

by Kamineo

So much TEN fanart!(*A*) *happy hedgy*
I drew 'em Inori X Kae as well, because they asked for it. Only Kamineo broke the ranks and asked me to draw Ben and Jerry from the police station. XD That was awesome. (I had to look them up on my phone *lol*)

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