(1) Will this webcomic be updated regularly?

Yes. During the upload-seasons I will upload one comicpage every Wednesday and Saturday (CEST/ CET).

(2) Will you end this comic properly? How many pages will there be?

Yes. TEN is licensed by a German publisher, called CURSED PUBLISHING so I will under no circumstances (other than losing both my hands or falling into a coma) cancel the series halfway through.
The story of TEN will consist of three volumes with about 180 pages each.

(3) Can we still read the whole comic for free, even though it's licensed in your home country?

No. Sorry, but I only have permission to upload 6 of 9 chapters from each volumes. See it as a very nice and very long sneak peek of the actual book. That way you can see for yourself if you like the art and story before purchasing the book.I really hope you understand this. Being a comic artist is my main-job. So working for free I wouldn't have a roof over my head, nothing to eat and would freeze to death in winter. Would you work for free?

Giving away my work completely for free would ultimately result in me being unable to make comics at all.

(4) So despite the publisher being German we can purchase the books in English?

Yes. The English Version of TEN volume 1 and 2 are already available at the webshop of the publisher.

TEN Volume 1 (ebook)
TEN Volume 1 (printed version)

TEN Volume 2 (ebook)
TEN Volume 2 (printed version)

* Right now the website of the publisher and it's webshop is still German after a reboot of the page. It will be translated into English soon. Until then, please use the tutorial I made for you.

(5) Will CURSED VERLAG ship to my country?

Cursed is shipping worldwide. They all speak English!

(6) I'm having trouble with my order at the shop, can you...?

As I said: All of the CURSED VERLAG staff speaks English!
So please direct all questions regarding orders from their shop at them. ^^

(7) How exactly works this online-offline-publication?

Chapters 1-6 are uploaded online weekly. (already done)
Chapters 7-9 will only be available offline in the 1st ebook / book. (already published)
Chapters 10-15 are uploaded online weekly. (already done)
Chapters 16-18 will only be available offline in the 2nd ebook / book. (already published)
Chapters 19-24 will be uploaded onliney weekly. (starting at the middle of January 2015)
Chapters 25-27 will only be available offline in the 3rd book.

The ebooks / books will contain all chapters, not just the offline-chapters.

(8) What if I don't have an ebook-reader?

There are plenty of free programs that let you read ebooks on your computer. There will be a PDF version as well.

Or you just buy the printed books.

(9) There seems to be a prequel to TEN, is that right?

Yes, that's right. TEN is the sequel to an older (web)comic I did in the years from 2001 to 2008. It was called KAE.

(10) Do I need to read the prequel to understand TEN?

No. =) TEN is made so you don't necessarily have read KAE to understand what's happening in TEN. It's all explained in the later chapters.

(11) What if I want to read the prequel? Is there an onlinecomic or something in English?
CURSED SIDE is publishing the prequel as an English ebook as well.

KAE Volume 1 (eBook)
KAE Volume 2 (eBook)

KAE was never really fully uploaded to the net for reading in English. There are some pages on my Y!-Gallery project page though. (You may go over there to look at the quality if you want, as the comic is pretty old. The pages were fully screentoned anew for the re-publication, though. ^^)

(12) Your main characters Dez / Inori and Kae look a lot like Shion and Nezumi from the anime “No.6”. Did you get inspired by those designs?

There is no possible way I got inspired by No.6 as it dates much later than KAE or TEN.
See the time-line for that:

- KAE started in 2001.
- The No.6 novels were published in Japan in 2003. (plus I was told Nezumi's hair is short in the novels)
- TEN started in January 2010.
- The No.6 anime aired first in summer 2011.

So please don't ask again.

In fact, do not ask any artist ever again if he got inspired by an anime or manga or movie or series when creating their story or characters because it's the epitome of rudeness.