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Page 2_082 // read right to left

What happens when sci-fi meets boyslove?


Dez is a security officer at a small company in New York.
A half blind security officer.

Aside from that funny fact he has no past. Or at least he doesn't remember anything from before 2 years ago - when he got fished out of the ocean - and he almost gave up on ever remembering. Until a homeless boy stumbles into his life that seems to know a little too much about him.

Intrigued and strangely attracted he tries to pull the boy into his life and gets pulled into his own unsettling past in return...


09 Apr 2014 08:53 am

Soen Kai

TEN English printed version - IT'S OUT!

It it time! =D
The English printed version of TEN is available in the webshop of the publisher!



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01 Apr 2014 05:29 pm

Soen Kai

TEN English printed version - Preview!

The time has come! (\O0O/)

After a long wait and relentlessly getting on my publishers nerves (XD) it is here!
The English printed version of TEN!!

I got my copy yesterday in the mail and it will very soon be available at the publisher's webshop!

The Cover looks the same as the German version

But the backcover shows, it's in English (it will be marked accordingly at the webshop!)

And of course, the inside is English as well! (no, really! XD)


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22 Mar 2014 06:09 pm

Soen Kai

Dakimakura Illustrations Done

Done! YAY! XD Finally done!

Now off to my partners in crime from dakimakura.ch with it!


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18 Mar 2014 06:07 pm

Soen Kai

Back from the Leipzig Bookfair

Last week(end) I attended the Leipzig Bookfair in Germany. OvO Now you know why I haven't been able to update on Saturday and did it on Wednesday instead. ;D

As of this year the manga and comic part of the bookfair finally got their own hall (and it was named "Manga Comic Con" but we're still trying to discard that title as we still want to see ourselves as part of the actual bookfair XD).
With the new place came some neat innovations - like an artist's alley. Though it was called "Creative Market" it basically was the same.
I had a table and spent four days drawing until my fingers bled (not literally!) and selling posters and stuff.

Luckily I didn't forget to take some photos of the colored live-commissions (and there were many... X___x#)


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03 Mar 2014 10:52 am

Soen Kai

deviantArt Poster Prints

I do have a few illustrations up in my deviantArt shop now. ^v^ Just in case any of you are interested! ��



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20 Feb 2014 07:42 pm

Soen Kai

sketchy sneak peek

ittle sketchy sneak peek. Inori / Dez and Noél seem to be in agreement. XD


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14 Feb 2014 08:55 pm

Soen Kai

Doodling & GOOD NEWS

TEN goes rockabilly.


Yes. I had fun. XD


On another note I have good news for everyone who was eagerly awating word on an English print-version of TEN.

There will be an English print version of TEN this summer. Also proudly presented by Cursed. ^w^ Yay!


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25 Jan 2014 04:38 pm

Soen Kai

Dakimakura Front Done

Oh my god, I'm so hungry... OTL
I drew the last bit of this Illustration in one go. I thiink.... yeah. Six hours straight.

*goes to raid the fridge*

(sorry about the watermark, but this is something I wish to sell and I do not want someone to grab it off the internet and use it for whatever purpose while I spent hours and hours to make it. �)


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